Pensacola, Florida
Monday May 21st 2018


Health Talk: Self-Help at Baptist Health Care

By Jennie McKeon

Whether it’s a support group, psychiatry or rehabilitation, you can find help at Baptist Health Care. The first step that their professionals recommend is to consult your physician before you sign up for any services. Your doctor knows you best.

“Setting lofty goals that are hard to maintain will hurt your overall chances for success,” said Brandy Franklin, physician’s assistant for Baptist Medical Group Family Medicine – Westside. “With the help of a health care provider, you can find changes that you can make and implement. Then, along with your health care team, you can take on tougher challenges.”

Baptist Health Care’s doctors use a step-by-step approach to help solve patients’ problems and aid them in working towards solutions that have a lasting impact.

“If there is a solution, then lay out the steps that it will take you to solve the dilemma, then get busy,” said Dr. Edwin Taylor with Baptist Medical Group Family Medicine – Westside. “Prioritize the stressors that can be solved by degree of stress or by how much time you have to get a solution. Then work on solving things as best as you can.”

And as always, eating healthy, staying active and getting a good night’s sleep are essential when you’re dealing with any type of stress.

“The most important thing you have to understand is this: you have to get some sleep every night or else you will be worthless in trying to achieve you goal,” Dr. Taylor said.

He advises that once you’ve mapped out a plan, you should try your best to follow through and not give up.

“The bottom line is that you still need to motivate yourself to institute action,” Dr. Taylor said. “You still need to persist at your endeavor. And lastly, you need to sustain momentum through tough times and good times.”

Whatever action you take, you don’t have to do it alone. The Lakeview Center at Baptist Health Care offers plenty of opportunities for the support and help you need to make any of your problems easier to face.

Established in 1954, the Lakeview Center has support and therapy for a wide number of issues. From the website, you can test your knowledge on mental health, make an appointment and check the directory of doctors. Lakeview Center provides behavioral health services that treat substance abuse and mental health for children and adults. Chaplain Dan Hamel is also available through the Lakeview Center to address the spiritual needs of patients. There’s a 24-hour crisis hotline and many other specialty services.

On top of the many classes that Baptist offers to help you stay well-informed on health issues, there are also support groups that not only help patients of diseases, but also their family and caretakers, too. The available support groups include patients with cancer and their family, individuals living with Hepatitis C, a man-to-man support group for men with prostate cancer and a group for new moms–just to name a few. Visit these meetings to get the help you need and to meet others who are facing similar issues.

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