Pensacola, Florida
Friday June 22nd 2018


IN Launches New Website: StopPensacola.Com

By Walker Holmes

The IN Media Solutions team is set to launch its latest attempt to capture more ad dollars  The website where everything ends.

“Want to attract the elusive redneck, illiterate audience?” asked Jojo Oylly, IN Media Solutions director. “Then get your message out in this weekly entertainment guide which will have more tattoos, pierced belly-buttons and gold teeth than any other local website—excluding the sheriff’s office website.”

The soon-to-be wildly popular expects to average over 2.7 million page views each month. To accomplish this, the site will have no more than one photo and two sentences per page. Its target audience is 22-39 year olds who need help figuring out how to spend their disposable income and allowances from their parents.

“Our mission is to have fun and to make sure you have fun with us!” said Oylly. “We just need your cash to make it happen.” will have several unique features, including:

•    Find Ashton – scrutinize crowd photos and pick out the smiling Ashton Hayward.
•    Meeting Channel – view clips from Pensacola City Council meetings. Watch replays of Brian “Moses” Spencer walk out of a workshop, Sam “Free Speech” Hall using the gavel against Rev. Nathan Monk, Maren “Mama” DeWeese refusing to sit at the table with City Attorney Rusty “James Bond” Wells, and John “JJ” Jerralds ejecting George Hawthorne.
•    Say No to the Suit – watch live streaming from Casino Beach. Vote who should be removed from the beach. is another new advertising solution offered by IN Media Solutions. Last month, they launched Bargain Badger, an online coupon service for area businesses. In May, they will publish their new monthly magazine, “Belly,” that will feature the most prominent bellies in Pensacola.

“We will find a way to spend your money,” said Oylly. “Our motto is ‘If you have a dollar, we have solution.’”

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