Pensacola, Florida
Thursday June 21st 2018


People Playing Music

By Kate Peterson

The band, Two People Playing Music or 2PPM, consists of keyboardist Chase Hudson and drummer Sean Sullivan–along with a wide variety of keyboards and musical instruments. Their only interest listed on Facebook is wanting to be the first musicians to play on Mars–and they just might. For right now, they live in Ashville, N.C.

Hudson and Sullivan formed their band in Santa Rosa Beach, sharing and creating a musical style that explores the sonic boundaries of popular music. IN caught up with both of them, and asked questions about their upcoming show at the Handlebar.

IN: Where are you both from?
HUDSON: Charlotte, N.C.
SULLIVAN: Leesburg, Va.

IN: What started you in music?
HUDSON: Influence from my father, and friends in high school.
SULLIVAN: Theatre, my parents and my brother.

IN: What made the two of you decide to form a band?
SULLIVAN: The interest in representing ourselves properly. Chase and I were writing material together in another project, we sensed a closer connection and a compatibility of styles, and then we just came to it on January 1, 2010. “Let’s form a duo.”

IN: 2PPM, such an interesting name, please explain the origins.
2PPM: When we came to the idea of forming a duo, we named the project that day, a process, which took approximately 15 minutes. We wanted to be genuine. Sometimes when naming a band, it can take months. I, (Sullivan) suggested the name “Music” which sounded good for about three minutes, and Chase then said, “No, Two People Playing Music,” and it was as if a home run was cracked out of the park. When something is right, it feels that way, and this did.

We have received a lot of opposition regarding our band name. People have told us that it is everything from lazy to pretentious, but in fact our intention was to be humble and thoughtful. We soon came to the realization that our name could be abbreviated as 2PPM, the scientific notation, which stands for two parts per million. This realization continued to represent our original intention of presenting the music as the priority rather than glorifying our band.

IN: You two have such a distinctive style, how did you develop it?
2PPM: Listening to each other, practicing and being selfless. Traveling, experiencing life and living with each other. Our interest to be culturally significant and the realization that what we are contributing to is bigger than ourselves are the main motivating factors responsible for helping us constantly change, improve and hone our facility to represent ourselves through our instruments.

IN: How many albums do you have to date?
2PPM: Two albums. “While No One’s Watching” released in February 2011 and “For People,” released February 2012.

IN: Are you signed to a label?
2PPM: Not currently, but we are blessed to be a part of a collective called Raw Panda, that is based in Pensacola. It is run by Sean Peterson and includes artists such as Paloma, Imaginary Airshow, Joey Allred, Precubed, Damien Louviere, Aubrey Nichols, Pioneers! O’ Pioneers, Brandon Warren and Chainsaw Kelly. This collective put out a compilation disc and we were lucky enough to be on it. Visit Raw Panda Records on, to access the tunes. You can also find Raw Panda Records on Facebook. It’s very present in your Pensacola music scene.

IN: Do you think you will ever add some more sounds or vocals?
2PPM: We have thought about doing collaborations with other artists. This is a bit farther down the line, but the possibility is intriguing, considering our name and the use of the word ‘with,’ as in Two People Playing Music with [blank]. An innate quality of our music is the incorporation of new sounds as we explore the potential of music.

IN: You two been touring a lot lately. How is that experience?
2PPM: We are always touring, always constantly motivated to bring our music to the farthest reaches of the universe. Last year we left our home in Northwest Fla., toured to 21 states, logged over 45,000 miles, played shows from Maine to Miami and held a residency in New York City at the venerable Piano’s. We have similar plans for this year–giving all over the world.

IN: Have you played the Handlebar or played in Pensacola before?
2PPM: Yes, we have played this venue many times before, our first show being in January of 2011.

IN: Any final comments?
2PPM: Many of our friends live in Pensacola, it has been nearly five months since our last appearance and we are highly anticipating our upcoming event with Isles and Paloma. This run is in conjunction with the release of our second album, “For People.” Please visit our Bandcamp page to download your free copy.

Our next album is in the works and is scheduled to be released in June of this year. We also plan on preparing music videos for our current release and appearing all over the eastern seaboard during the summer, including two festival appearances, one in New York City and one in Florida. This will lead us up to our most expansive tour to-date, a two-month long excursion that will bring 2PPM to places far and wide. Some places that we have seen and some that will grace our eyes for the first time.

WHEN: 9 p.m. Friday, March 30
WHERE: The Handlebar, 319 N. Tarragona St.
COST: $5