Pensacola, Florida
Saturday June 24th 2017


Jon Morris Back From Nashville

By Jennie McKeon

After recording his first professional album in Nashville, Tenn. in March, Jon Morris is ready to serenade the local coffee houses again.

Morris has been playing music for eight years. What started out as a casual hobby playing along with friends, has turned into a dream job.

It was when I started writing songs that I thought I could do this for a living, he said. Now, I have more of a drive to make a career or sustenance out of making music. Its my dream.

Morris day job is a language arts teacher at a local middle school, but being settled with a job and a wife hasnt made him stop dreaming big. Just last October, Morris signed up for a Kickstarter account to help fund his four-day recording session in Nashville, Tenn. He was astounded when 70 backers showed their support by donating a collective $6,030. One aspect of Morris dreams will be realized when his CD releases in early June.

I hope the CD lives up to my expectations and my backers expectations, Morris said.

After the release, Morris is planning to tour the East Coastimagine if all middle school teachers were this cool. Morris, as always, is humble about his summer trek.

I dont expect a huge blow-up, he said. Itll be a stepping stone as a career. I hope to pay my bills by playing showsand selling CDs, of course.

WHEN: 7 p.m. Friday, April 6
WHERE: Drowsy Poet at Coffee Break Caf矇, 4620 Woodbine Rd., Pace
DETAILS: 994-2080 or