Pensacola, Florida
Sunday May 27th 2018


Oh, Mickey, You’re So Fine

By Kate Peterson

Glam rapper Mickey Avalon, born Yeshe Perl, has been creating some of the most followed and admired music in his genre since 2006. He and his band members, Andre Legacy (also performing in Pensacola) being one of them, came up with their stage names by thinking up corny porn star names. Hailing from Hollywood, Calif., and on tour to promote his new album, he’s making a stop in Pensacola to let us sample his unique musical stylings.

The glam rap genre has very few artists.  Avalon has cornered the market on a very specific, yet loose, style of music marked by overriding sexual themes and sweaty high-energy performances.

After leaving home as a teen, Avalon experienced some tough, troubled times before pulling himself together. He is now married and has a daughter. “She is in Oregon, such a better place for a child to grow up. Los Angeles can be a hard place to raise a child. After I play Coachella, I cannot wait to get back to her soon,” said Avalon.

When asked if all of the information published online about his life was true, Avalon said, “Some of it is true, some is not. I am not bisexual, and I did not go to any of the colleges they say I attended.”

To date, Avalon has released two albums, and a number of singles. In 2006, his first album, released on MySpace Records, along with Interscope/Shoot to Kill records was self-titled. Since then he has been writing and storing up a great number of songs from which he carefully selected for his long awaited second album. Released Tuesday, April 24, the album is titled “Loaded.” According to Avalon, “I really like my new album. I am still listening to it in my CD player in my car. It still has a low-fi feel, and I have been testing the new material on the audiences.”

Being in the music business is difficult at best. Avalon has had his disagreements with labels and the time it takes to release an album. “I signed with management and didn’t want to shop the record, it was wasting time, and we decided to produce it in house. Same money—and you can do more,” Avalon said.

Aside from album releases, he has appeared with tours such as, the Blazed and Confused Tour with Stephen Marley, featuring Snoop Dogg, Slightly Stoopid, and Beardo, and the Stroke Me Tour with Beardo and Ke$ha. Avalon’s music has also been featured in movies. His single “What Do You Say” was picked for the “The Hangover.”

The tour for his recently released album started on Friday, April 13. When asked about the tour Avalon said, “Music towns are always fun. There are good crowds and they are there for the performance 100 percent. South by Southwest is a good example of a fun show. The fan base is the whole thing, when they disappear it is over. They are necessary to survive.”

Avalon is a man of many colors. We asked him who he is listening to and he said, “Lucinda Williams and Waylon Jennings.” He has an affinity for country music; he likes the speed of the music.

Get ready for a wild show where anything could happen.

WHAT: Mickey Avalon with Andre Legacy
WHEN: 7:30 p.m. Monday, April 30
WHERE: Vinyl Music Hall, 2 S. Palafox
COST: $15-$18