Pensacola, Florida
Thursday April 26th 2018


Hold On To Your Sombreros Boys

By Kate Peterson

You may or may not be of Hispanic descent – but you can still celebrate Cinco de Mayo with the best of them. On Saturday, May 5, Dustin Sharp has something special planned for your drinking pleasure, the second annual Cinco de Drinko.

Cinco de Drinko is a celebration of Cinco de Mayo, which means fifth of May in Spanish, Pensacola style. The holiday, Cinco de Mayo is celebrated nationwide with events ranging from large-scale parades to gatherings at local cantinas. It marks a day to highlight Mexican pride and heritage.

In 2005, the U.S. Congress proclaimed that the people of the United States should observe Cinco de Mayo with appropriate ceremonies and activities. Cinco de Drinko will be just the event to help you obey the proclamation – appropriate or not.

Sharp, originally from Portland, Ore., is a mild mannered bartender at Hub Stacey’s downtown by day, and at night (and on days off), an event promoter. He has been running expositions and organizing the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon series across the country – another way to supplement his income.

According to Sharp, he lived in Tucson, Ariz., prior to moving to Pensacola, Fla. “Where I came from Cinco de Mayo was a huge celebration, really big there. When I got here, no one was celebrating the holiday properly.”

“My birthday is really close to the date, May 6, and since I was already partying on May 5 at the beach and elsewhere, I decided to make an event out of it.”

“Originally there were only small, or no choices, for Cinco de Mayo events. I started putting together the pub crawl, it started rolling from there and others got interested,” said Sharp

The event is sponsored by Nitehound Party Buses and Limousine Service. For a mere $25, you can board a party bus after hanging out at Hub Stacey’s, get a cool shirt made especially for the event, head over to Intermission, then Play, and later head to Pensacola Beach to visit Paradise Bar and Grill, The Dock, Paddy O’Leary’s and then it’s back on the bus to return downtown.

As Sharp said, “Nitehound busses are by far the best, they have great sound systems and, of course, stripper poles. The bus ride from downtown to the beach is a real highlight of the evening.”

Each place that you and the rest of the crew visit will feature $3 custom prepared shot specials, and $1.50 Mexican beer.

Paddy O’Leary’s has prepared a Mexican car bomb, a variation of the Irish car bomb; this one is tequila and limejuice dropped into a Mexican beer. Many of the participating bars will already have Cinco de Mayo patrons, so when the bus unloads, the real fiesta will begin.
When you get to Paradise Bar and Grill, Sharp said, “We will have three piñatas filled with mini liquor bottles, condoms and other top secret items. Last year there were some piñata ninjas that came through and whacked them open right away.” Additionally, “There will be raffle prizes for things like bar tabs.”

Paradise Bar and Grill will also provide a special room rate for those that would rather not leave the beach after a night on the town.

Even on the bus you will be treated to some extra goodies provided by the vendors and sponsors.  A professional photographer will be on the bus to capture all the antics.  When the bus returns to the downtown area, there will be taxis waiting to take you home.

“We will be adding more stuff, and more things to do, as it gets closer to the date,” said Sharp. “Last year this event landed on a Thursday and the participation was less than it will be this year.  I ended up getting two busses this year to accommodate the requests for tickets. It will be a big event this year, the excitement is building.”

As you can imagine corralling people, who are dispersed around a bar drinking, can be a bit like herding cats. Sharp said that they have someone who provides a countdown to the partygoers to let them know when the bus is leaving for the next spot, “Some of the timing is directed by the crowd. If they are ready to go, we leave.”

IN asked Sharp if he had ever lost someone during the evening. “A couple people were tired and went home from the beach,” he said. “As you can imagine we also gained a few who wanted to fill in.”

Cinco de Drinko Itinerary
Hub Stacey’s, 6:00 pm
Intermission, 6:50 pm
Play, 7:40 pm
to Pensacola Beach, 8:15 pm
Paradise Bar & Grill, 8:45 pm
The Dock, 9:35 pm
Paddy O’Leary’s, 10:15 pm
*subject to change

There are only 50 spots available and they are going fast. You can purchase them at Play, through Sharp at Hub Stacey’s or on

WHEN: 6-11 p.m. Saturday, May 5
WHERE: Hub Stacey’s, 312 E. Government St.
COST: $25