Pensacola, Florida
Tuesday June 19th 2018


Winners & Losers 5/10/12

Tim Wyrosdick

The Santa Rosa County Superintendent of Schools has been cleared by the State Attorney’s Office of allegations by his political opponent that the superintendent had violated Florida election laws. More than 20 witnesses were interviewed and the majority of the allegations by George McCormick were found without merit. Such allegations are the norm in Santa Rosa politics.

Majestic Candies Company
Enterprise Florida, Escambia County, the City of Pensacola and the Greater Pensacola Chamber announced recently Majestic Candies Company’s plan to bring more than 100 new jobs in the next few years to Pensacola with a projected capital investment of $6 million. The company produces confectionary products, primarily pralines and other pecan-based candy products, initially targeting distribution in the four Southern regional markets. Yes, J.W. Renfroe Pecan Co. will be providing the pecans, and, no, the Pensacola City Council can’t screw this deal up.

Joshua Simmons
The Santa Rosa Education Foundation has announced the B.C. Russell Elementary teacher as the Santa Rosa Rookie of the Year 2012. Simmons was selected from a field of 30 educators with three or less years of teaching experience who were honored at this event. The Gulf Breeze Area Chamber of Commerce presented Josh with a $500 Sara Caudell Scholarship.

Okaloosa County
The county has seen a state representative, Ray Sansom, and its local college president, Bob Richburg, caught in a scandal regarding the state funds. The former Okaloosa County Sheriff Charlie Morris and most of his senior staff were arrested for a bribery scam. Its tax collector, Chris Hughes, resigned and had been accused of misusing his position. Its tourism director, Mark Bellinger, apparently killing himself after being caught buying a yacht with bed tax and BP dollars.

Gulf Coast African-American Chamber
In mid-April, George Hawthorne announced at the Greater Pensacola Chamber board meeting that he was holding a retreat on April 21 with his new board of directors and he would be releasing their names, new bylaws and its program the following week. Two weeks later, the IN couldn’t get him to return phone calls or emails. Meanwhile Councilman John Jerralds has called for another town hall meeting on the chamber. Read for updates.

Marie Young, Grover Robinson, Kevin White
The three Escambia County Commissioners are facing individual lawsuits by Forrest Gibbs that they unjustly removed him from his job at the county’s equestrian center. Judge Linda Nobles denied the county motion to dismiss, which possibly put them on the line for their own legal fees.