Pensacola, Florida
Thursday June 21st 2018


# 5 James J. Reeves

# 5 James J. Reeves
Attorney, Developer

Jim Reeves is a busy man. He sits on boards, bodies and committees. He jumps between societal theaters, enjoying politics, business and community service. It keeps him busy.

“I’m a real estate lawyer and real estate lawyers don’t have anything to do these days,” he laughed. “I have a lot of time on my hand.”

But Reeves—a consistent Pensacola power player for decades—was keeping busy long before the real estate market slowed down. In addition to holding positions among many local organizations over the years, the attorney also served in the state legislature from 1966 to 1972, and later spent six years on the Pensacola City Council.

These days, Reeves doesn’t have too much trouble filling his time. Area organizations have come to know him as a solid money-man—somebody who knows exactly where to look for charitable dollars—and are not shy about calling on him.

“Sooner or later it comes down to F-U-N-D-raising,” Reeves said, owning up to his reputation. “I wouldn’t come in last in the class, let’s put it that way.”

The attorney views his time spent diving into community affairs as a payback of sorts.

“Look, I’ve lived here all my life,” Reeves said. “This community has been good to me—I mean, good to me.”

As a teenager, Reeves worked as a bank teller for Reinhardt Holm, who was serving as Pensacola’s mayor at the time. Though his time spent working for the mayor was brief, the experience made a lasting impression.

“You know, he had me at the right time,” Reeves reflected. “When you see someone throw themselves into civic work—it’s just a good example.”

The attorney tries to be that example for the young folks he knows today.

“I encourage them to give back, I encourage them to be politically active, socially active, to be civic minded,” Reeves said. “It’s more fun when you’re involved in a lot of things, not just making money.”