Pensacola, Florida
Sunday May 20th 2018


The String Cheese Incident: The Interview

By Hana Frenette

The six-piece Colorado born band has played thousands of shows since their origination in 1993. Their music once featured a heavy bluegrass influence, but has come to include rock, reggae, funk and country aspects, as well. Bassist Keith Moseley took some time out from their summer tour to discuss their infamously busy tour schedule and being able to play music with good friends.

IN: Are you guys going to be playing the festival circuit this summer?
KM: After Hangout we do Electric Forest and then a run of our own shows at some fantastic venues like Red Rocks and The Greek Theatre in Los Angeles and Berkeley, Calif. We finish up with our own Horning’s Hideout festival. So no, we aren’t really doing too many festivals this summer

IN: When you guys first started playing, you played a lot of ski resorts and such. What was it like to go from those smaller venues to humongous sold out festivals?
KM: It was a steady gradual rise for the band. It certainly didn’t happen overnight, so it never felt unnatural.  We have done something like 1500 shows together over the last 18 years and have seen it all from tiny bars to giant festivals.

IN: I’ve heard that you guys employ the use of wild visual effects sometimes at your shows. What kind of stuff are we talking about here? Will you be bringing any of this to Hangout Fest?
KM: We do like to dress the shows up with extra production and some surprises, so stay tuned and look out!

IN: How did you first become involved with Keller Williams?
KM: Keller approached me after one of our gigs in Colorado Springs, Colo. back in 1996. He said he really loved our band and would like to open for us.

IN: What is touring with Keller like compared to touring with SCI?
KM: Keller is one of my best friends, and it’s always a treat to get to play with him. The tours we did with Jeff Sipe and Gibb Droll were really special, too. We made some incredible music together! It was truly a powerhouse band.

IN: Do you think there could be another album coming out in the future for SCI?
KM: We are definitely getting the itch to make a new album.  I think there will be a new recording sometime in the near future for sure.

IN: The band recorded a song in Simlish – which is amazing! How were you approached to do that? Was it hard to learn?
KM: Actually that was all Kyle [Hollingsworth].  He did that whole thing.  I don’t know what it is or what he is saying!

IN: Did the band name really come from a cheese food fight in a bar?
KM: Is that what you heard? That is one version of the legend. Another version might include the secret service and a gypsy fortuneteller.

IN: What would you like to see happen next for the band?
KM: I feel like we still have a long musical road ahead of us, like our best work is still to come. This summer should be fantastic and I think you will see more of us in 2013.

Saturday 6:30-9 p.m. performing two sets, Chevrolet Stage