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Wednesday November 22nd 2017



Who We Are

We are two-fisted, old school journalists that have given a damn about the community in which we live since 1999. We cover the news, views, politics and entertainment of Northwest Florida with passion. We are dedicated to giving readers a fresh approach to news and what is happening behind the scenes.

We’re feared by the politicos, read by the influentials and loved by those who share our love of the area. There are truly no sacred cows. People wait for us to weigh in on the major stories in the community and respect our direct viewpoints. In 2012, we received a Florida Sunshine State Award for our investigative reporting.

Our stories are presented with energy and enthusiasm. The writing is thorough and fun to read. While other newspapers have seen their readership decline, we’ve developed a loyal fan base, particularly among those under age 40.

We are the little paper with huge voice that is heard statewide and nationally. Our writing has been profiled in the New York Times, Time Magazine and The Daily Beast. Our publisher has appeared on Dateline NBC and The Learning Channel, is a weekly columnist for Florida Voices and is regular commenter on several nationally-syndicated radio shows.

All of which drives traffic to this website.

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