Pensacola, Florida
Friday September 30th 2016


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The Public Record 9.16

The Public Record 9.16

Dear Maxwell, Why do people call the area on the beach next to the pier “Casino Beach”? Did a casino ever exist there? -Lauren J. ........................ Yes and no. There was a building [...]

Jam Out

Jamaica Comes To Pensacola For This Year’s Jamaican Festival By Jennie McKeon It’s time to dust off your Bob Marley records, put your hair in dreadlocks and spread peace and love at the [...]

Community Outreach 9.2.10

CHARITY GOLF TOURNAMENT The Panhandle Charitable Open will be held Oct. 1-2 at the Marcus Pointe Golf Club. The two-man, best-ball tournament has raised thousands of dollars for local charities [...]


Escambia County Superintendent of Schools Malcolm Thomas and the Florida Association of District Superintendents aren't happy with the 2010 FCAT results. They believe that the results don't [...]

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